Remember this day? : Mourni Roy consoles Mrunal Thakur after seeing the Jersey actor's tearful photo

Actor Mrunal Thakur counts Mouni Roy as one of his closest friends. Mouni Roy is one of the most well-known names in the business. The Jersey actress recently grabbed everyone's attention when she tweeted a selfie of herself sobbing and writing, “Sometimes it's alright not to be okay,” below the image.

She said in her message, “While yesterday was challenging, I am stronger, more seasoned, and happier today. Everyone has parts of their tales they don't want to read out loud, but I'm doing it for mine so that someone else might learn the lesson I did.”

Fans offered their support and urged the actress to maintain her resolve even if they are unaware of the cause of her sadness. Mouni Roy, a close friend of hers, is now attempting to console Mrunal.

Mouni Roy publishes a touching post.

The Made in China actress shared a story on Instagram showing the two of them sharing an embrace. She tagged it with: “Keep in mind this day. I'm sending my darling M. a heartfelt prosecco tub of love and a huge, tight embrace.”

Mrunal Thakur afterwards reshared the article and remarked, “I adore you a lot! Mouns, I'm glad you're in my life (with various love emojis)”

Also, Mrunal told her admirers that the picture was shot at a time when she was in a very depressed state and that she is now in a joyful one.

future projects for Mrunal Thakur

The actress, who got appreciation in her last film 'Sita Raman', will now star in the war-themed thriller 'Pippa' with Ishaan Khatter. Moreover, she is working on the Aditya Roy Kapoor-starrer Gumraah.

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