Jharkhand: CM Shoren Orders Probe After Newborn Infant Is "Crushed Under Police Boot" During Giridih Raid

In a heartbreaking event, a newborn infant reportedly died after being crushed by police boots during a raid in the early hours of Wednesday in Jharkhand's Giridih district.

A viral video in which a person, reportedly Bhushan Pandey, is shown complaining that police officers entered their house at 3.20 in the morning and forced open the door when it was not opened prompted Chief Minister Hemant Soren to launch an investigation into the matter.

“I ran away, and the ladies followed suit. The four-day-old youngster was napping in the home when the police officers began their search. The individual in the video stated that the infant was murdered when it was squashed.

The opposition BJP called for the suspension of top officials after the alleged incident, which is said to have taken place in Koshodinghi Village under Deori Police Station when police went to a residence to arrest two people in relation to a case.

What do the police in Jharkhand say?
“It has been claimed that a four-day-old kid died when the police arrived to carry out two court-issued non-bailable warrants. There are no obvious outward wounds on the infant's body. According to Giridih Superintendent of Police Amit Renu, it has been submitted for a postmortem examination.

The police would be able to explain what truly occurred once the postmortem report is received, the SP said.

He said that a group of medical professionals working under a magistrate's supervision and using appropriate videography would do the autopsy.

“At the moment, we have no evidence indicating that a police officer may have injured the child. The erring employees won't be spared if the claim is confirmed, Renu warned.

The SP said that between four and five police officers had gone to serve non-bailable warrants on Bhushan Pandey, the dead child's grandpa, and another individual.

Government is criticised by opposition parties.
Babulal Marandi, a prominent BJP politician and former chief minister, called the alleged crime “heinous” and urged that a FIR be filed against those responsible immediately. He also called for the suspension of high officials.

“Chief Minister Hemant Soren ji, have some shame. Send a group of top Ranchi officials. First, file a FIR and imprison the police officers responsible for the baby's death. Otherwise, you won't be absolved of the sin of a four-day-old infant's “sarkari hatya,” Maranti tweeted.

Vinod Kumar Singh, a CPI-ML Legislator, brought up the matter in the Jharkhand Assembly and demanded a thorough investigation into the occurrence and harsh punishment against the police if it turned out to be genuine.

“This is terrible. The guilty should not be spared if the evidence is true. The police raid teams should take prudence and be attentive to the needs of women and children, Singh told PTI.

Sudivya Kumar, a politician for the ruling JMM from Giridih, said, “We are awaiting the postmortem report. The guilty will face harsh punishment if it is determined that the child died while being protected by police boots.

Irfan Ansari, a congressman, said that if the incidence is confirmed to be accurate, then action would be taken.

Thus yet, no police officer has been able to offer information on the specific charges brought against the accused and the reason for the searches.

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