Imran Khan: "Another Scheme Hatched": Pakistani Government Trying to Kill Me

On Wednesday, Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, said that the PML-N-led government was planning to assassinate him in a manner similar to that of Murtaza Bhutto, who was murdered by police in 1996 when his sister Benazir Bhutto was in office.

Khan, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, made these shocking claims in a video message to his followers. Khan was the target of an attempted murder in November of last year when unknown shooters opened fire on the vehicle transporting him as he was participating in a protest march in Punjab.

“A new strategy has now been developed. In the video message, 70-year-old Khan said, “I am warning everyone, the judges [and] particularly Punjab police.

He said that another operation outside the Zaman Park mansion had been prepared by the police heads of Islamabad and Punjab, along with their “handlers”.

What is the strategy? that either today or tomorrow, there would be another operation outside Zaman Park. They have created two squads that will blend in among our population before shooting and killing four to five police officers, according to Khan.

Khan predicted that this would then lead to an assault by the opposing side, which would result in the deaths of PTI workers in a setting like to Model Town.

He said that they would assassinate me in a scenario like to that of Murtaza Bhutto.

In Karachi, Pakistan, in 1996, a police encounter resulted in the death of Murtaza, the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto's brother.

It's ironic since Benazir was in charge at the time.

In a terrorist strike that occurred in Rawalpindi in 2007 during an election rally, she died 11 years later.

These assassinations are attributed to factions within the military system.

Khan encouraged the members of his party to exercise moderation and avoid becoming angered by the “operation.” No matter what the cops do. Avoid becoming irritated. Recognize their strategy. I don't want any violence, but I'm prepared to go to prison,” he said.

He said a “death trap” was being set up at his court hearing in Islamabad a few days ago.

I had to attend a hearing in the Toshakhana case, and the Federal Court Complex in Islamabad had been set up like a death trap. He said that there were about 20 unidentified individuals present in the facility with the intention of murdering him.

Last week, as Khan arrived at the Islamabad courthouse to attend a hearing in the Toshakhana case, there were reports of skirmishes between his resolute followers and security officers.

The Punjab police began a search operation at his expansive property in the exclusive Zaman Park neighborhood as he was departing Lahore for Islamabad.

A total of 143 complaints were filed against Khan on Wednesday, the majority of which included allegations of terrorism.

I don't care about my cases, but we are writing to all international human rights organizations to protest these atrocities because of the manner PTI employees are being detained on bogus charges, he added.

Khan also said that the PML-N administration will approve a resolution in a joint session of the legislature delaying the elections in the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The PTI leader has been accused of purchasing presents from the Toshakhana state storehouse at a reduced price and then reselling them for a profit, including a pricey Graff wristwatch that he had been given as the premier.

Khan became the first prime minister in Pakistan to be removed from office by the National Assembly in April of last year after losing a motion of no confidence.

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