Farooq Abdullah Expresses Sadness Over Earthquake-Related Deaths

Farooq Abdullah, president of the National Conference (NC), expressed his sorrow on Wednesday over the deaths and devastation brought on by the earthquake that shook Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

He sent his sympathies to the dead' families and wished the wounded people a fast recovery.

“The loss of lives and property in Afghanistan, the greater Af-Pak area, and the surrounding central and south Asian region truly pains me. I hope the current relief and rescue efforts in Afghanistan are successful “added Abdullah.

He said that the earthquakes also rocked Jammu and Kashmir, causing residents to flee their houses in search of safety. There are also indications that the jolts have created fractures in a number of public and private structures across J-K.

Abdullah said, “I trust the government would discover the facts and do a safety assessment of such buildings wherever necessary.”

The Kashmir Valley is in a high-risk area, according to the Lok Sabha representative from Srinagar, and although it is not feasible to entirely rule out the chance of earthquake damage, it is definitely possible to decrease the risk by erecting earthquake-resistant buildings.

“I'm hoping the disaster management division and other relevant organisations will launch an educational campaign on this subject. In order to create a culture of preparation for any situation, it is also necessary to educate and inform people about preparedness measures “added Abdullah.

On Tuesday night, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 rocked the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, sending strong tremors jolting huge areas of north India. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, at least 12 people died and almost 250 others were injured.

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