After Kangana Ranaut's "Polls Aagai" jab, Diljit Dosanjh posts a mysterious message. Is this his reply to her?

Singer Diljit Dosanjh uploaded a cryptic message that seems to be in reaction to Kangana Ranaut's remark that “Polls aagyi” was directed at Amrit Pal Singh when Punjab police were conducting an operation against him.

When Kangana said that he will soon be detained for supporting “Khalistanis,” he posted an Instagram story online. He tweeted a Punjabi phrase that translates to 'may my Punjab remain prospering,” along with the folded hands emojis.

That occurs when the Manikarnika actress publishes a tale on Instagram warning that the police are tracking him and would soon arrest him.

'Khalistani' comment by Kangana Ranaut
To make a subtle dig at him, the actress shared a meme from the industry leader in food delivery, Swiggy.

She tagged Diljit in her tweet and added the hashtags “#JustSaying” and “Ji pols aa gayi pols.” Also, she added the word “Khalistan” and a red cross to it.

In another post, she said, “”All those who backed Khalistanis recall next number: tumhara hai, pols aa chuki hai, yeh woh waqt nahi hai, jab koi bhi kuch bhi karta tha, desh ke saath gaddari ya tukde karne ki koshish aab mehengi padegi.

Diljit and Kangana's heated altercation
Let us tell you: In the year 2020, Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut were at odds during the farmer's protest. The situation began when Diljit yelled at the Queen actress after confusing “Bilkis,” a well-known protester from Shaheen Bagh, for an elderly woman from Farner's demonstration.

The actress then instructed Diljit to publicly state that he is not Khalistani after he responded appropriately to each of her comments at that time. He dismissed everything as theater, though, and showed little interest in her.

Furthermore, Kangana previously made a hint regarding Dijit being apprehended in connection with the extensive search Punjab police conducted for Khalistani leader Amrit Pal Singh. Do you believe, however, that his enigmatic tweet is a rejoinder to the actress? In the comments, please!

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