Abdu Rozik Says MC Stan's Crew "Broke" His Vehicle and Insulted Him in Disturbing Allegations

Regarding his continuing fight with Bigg Boss 16 victor MC Stan, singer Abdu Rozik has made a formal declaration via his team. “We believed it was important to clear up the problem formally about Mc Stan because Abdu is experiencing some anger and hostility without the public truly understanding any scenario,” Abdu's team said while wishing everyone a “Ramadan Mubarak.”

The conflict between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik is become more violent. On Wednesday, Abdu Rozik posted an image of a tweet in which a fan criticized MC Stan's followers for allegedly insulting the Tajikistani musician in a racial manner. When Abdu stated during an Instagram live that Stan had been evading his calls and “spreading falsehoods” that Abdu requested the rapper to promote his song “Pyar” on Instagram, the Bigg Boss 16 winner's supporters started making fun of Abdu.

Abdu's team has now made a detailed post on social media outlining what happened between the teams of the singer and the rapper. The team claims that Abdu made multiple attempts to get in touch with Stan but that “till this day Stan has not reacted or explained” why he hasn't gotten back to Abdu.

They said, “Abdu and Stan were both in Bangalore on March 11th. In response to Abdu's request to show support for his brother by attending but not performing, Stan's management informed him that Abdu was not welcome in the event. When Abdu attempted to enter the venue as a regular visitor with a ticket, assuming that the Stan team had made a mistake, the management of Stan yelled at him and turned him away at the regular entry, causing the automobile to be damaged and having panels smashed.

Another instance was described by the team as follows: “Two record companies phoned and said they wanted Abdu and Stan to collaborate, but they were told by Stan and his team that they do not desire to work with Abdu. Because of the reaction, Abdu was understandably upset and hurt. He thought he and Mc Stan were friends, and it was obviously impolite and disrespectful to discuss these things publicly.

“Finally, mandali members told Abdu that Stan had complained that he was angry that Abdu had not taken a photo with his mother at the Bigg Boss finale. Abdu was quite saddened to learn of this since one of his first calls after leaving Bigg Boss was to Salam's mother to inform her that Stan is doing OK. Abdu never followed Stan and had 4 million worldwide followers before to competing on Bigg Boss, and because Stan follows nobody, there was never a discussion between them about Abdu unfollowing him or deleting their joint post, the statement said.

At a recent media appearance, Abdu made a startling disclosure that threw Bigg Boss 16 viewers into a frenzy. The singer, who rose to fame after competing in Bigg Boss 16, said that his “mandali” (or close group of friends from the BB house) was “over”. Abdu established his own gang during his tenure within the home after becoming friends with Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, and MC Stan. The “mandali” developed became a key component of the season. Soon after joining, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer Khan joined as well, and the gang only became stronger and more well-liked.

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