Vanshika, 10-year-old Vanish Kaushik's daughter, deletes her Instagram account

Less than a week after Satish Kaushik's death, his 10-year-old daughter Vanshika erased her Instagram account. On March 9 in Delhi, the actor and director passed away after a heart attack. On Thursday, his last rituals were carried out at the Versova crematorium after his corpse was returned to Mumbai.

Vanshika Kaushik recently shared a picture of herself and Satish from years ago. The father and daughter were cuddling while grinning for the camera. In lieu of a caption, Vanshika just put a red heart emoji to the Instagram image.

In the comments portion of her article, Vanshika received sympathy messages from the actor's supporters. A supporter had added, “Your father will always be with you and will be keeping an eye on you. You will always carry him in your memory and heart, darling. Hugs and a lot of love to you.” One follower wrote, “Be strong and take care of your mom,” while another said, “Do it.”

In 1985, Satish and Shashi Kaushik became husband and wife. Sanu Kaushik, their two-year-old son, had passed away in 1996. Vanshika, their second child, was born in 2012 through surrogate.

The late Satish Kauhik was highly active on social media and often provided information about his life and business. He shared films and pictures with his family as well as pictures and photos from his job initiatives. The late actor was last saw in the Chhatriwali movie for Zee5, and he has finished shooting his role as politician Jagjivan Ram in Kangana Ranaut's Emergency.

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