Tennessee Minister Attempts to Assuage Concerns About the Flu A Virus

On Wednesday, the Tamil Nadu administration reassured the public that there haven't been any serious cases recorded in the state, allayed concerns about the spread of the influenza A virus (H3N2), and urged them not to worry.

In order to stop the spread of illness, the health department has beefed up screening procedures across the state, according to Ma Subramanian, minister of health and family welfare.

“Every day, we have over 1,000 medical camps; today alone, we held 1,586 of them, and this has been the case for the last several days. There hasn't been a single instance of a major sickness requiring critical care unit admission (at any government hospital) owing to the flu “He informed the local press.

There have been reports of throat soreness, general aches, and minor infections being treated.

He emphasised, “There is no reason to panic.

When asked whether schools would need to close in accordance with the Puducherry government's decision, he said, “Such a circumstance does not occur in Tamil Nadu.”

“Such a need is not there here. There have been no major illnesses recorded in Tamil Nadu.”

Due to the spread of the H3N2 influenza virus in the Union Territory, the Puducherry government has declared a vacation for all schools up to Class 8 from March 16 to March 26.

As many as 476 mobile medical units were put to use for medical camps around the state, and Subramanian claimed that even if only one virus was discovered in a given town, everyone there was thoroughly tested.

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