Rakhi Sawant says she won't be able to forget her ex-husband Adil, but she is hoping for his quick release on bail

Adil Khan Durrani's ex-wife Rakhi Sawant said that she may never be able to forgive him fully but that she still hopes for his quick release on bail. When Rakhi filed a FIR against him last month, Adil was taken into custody.

Rakhi filed a FIR against Adil for claimed domestic abuse and financial mismanagement only a few weeks after announcing her marriage to him. He was charged with cheating on her as well. Adil was detained in February.

Rakhi spoke to the media while traveling to Dubai and expressed her desire for Adil to be granted bail. “The dil me khayal aya ki ramzan ka matlab hota hai logon ko maaf karna aur aaj subah mai namaz padhi. I got an idea while praying this morning, Adil ko mai maaf to nahi kar sakti dil se but ye dua karti hun Mysore court me bail jaaye. The month of Ramadan is a time forgiving. I may not be able to forgive Adil, but I hope the judge will grant him bail.” This year, Ramzan is anticipated to begin on Wednesday evening (March 22) and conclude on April 21.

Rakhi said, “He wrecked my life even though I was a nice wife to him. I ought not to have loved him so intensely. While the accusations against him are quite severe, I want him to be released on bond. Adil, if you are released on bond, don't damage someone else's life, is the message I want to convey to him via the media. Strive to better yourself, and if you do get married, please treat your spouse better than you treated me. I won't ever contact him again. I wish to live by myself going forward. I'm sending up a prayer for him and his health.”

When an Iranian student accused Adil of rape last month, a FIR was filed against him in Mysuru. He was charged with raping, defrauding, intimidating, and blackmailing a female student from Iran who had traveled to Mysuru, according to the complaint.

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