From April 17 to 30, UP will conduct a "Communicable Disease Control Campaign"

From April 17 to 30, the Uttar Pradesh government will conduct a special campaign to combat communicable illnesses. In a high-level meeting on Wednesday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reportedly given the appropriate directives in this respect.

He has given the chief secretary instructions to coordinate with authorities and assess the status of the “Communicable Disease Control Campaign” preparations. In order to further the campaign, the chief minister has also instructed them to include the populace.

Every year, the campaign is done in three stages. This year's campaign against infectious illnesses including encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and kala-azar will run from April 17 to 30 across all 75 districts of the state, according to a release.

Throughout the programme, both rural and urban regions will get attention for cleanliness and water logging. According to the statement, school-based initiatives to raise public awareness of illness prevention would be organised. In addition, it claimed, people would be informed about placing pig cages and animal enclosures away from the populace and preserving cleanliness.

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