Do whatever inspires you, but honestly: Advice from Gulshan Grover to

Veteran actor Gulshan Grover, who has spent many years working in the Indian film business, is now anticipating the debut of his son Sanjay Grover, a producer whose first film will soon be released.

Gulshan imparts his wisdom to the young Grover as he prepares for the major endeavor. Do whatever attracts you, but do it with all your heart. I have told him that, after all. He's doing everything right; take a nap. He has been successful in securing Tarsem Singh as the director of his very first movie. That is a lot.

Grover describes Tarsem Singh as a well-known and gifted individual who has collaborated with stars like Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Deep Forest, and Enrique Iglesias and produced blockbusters including The Cell, The Fall, Immortals, and Mirror Mirror. As a significant portion of the movie is set in our nation, Sanjay invited him to shoot the project there since he has known him for a long time. Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff, two of my professional buddies, praised him on that. In fact, Chunky Pandey continued by saying that Sanjay did a fantastic job putting it together and that this is the greatest Hollywood-Bollywood partnership ever, adds Gulshan as he expresses his happiness.

Gulshan, a proud parent, believes that his kid inspires him more than the other way around. “I email him all of my looks (before to the shoot). He has very specific expectations for what I do and how I seem on TV. When I've done my character's hair and makeup, I send him images, and we talk about them afterwards. He always compliments your acting skills and international experience. As a result, everything you do must be unique. As he is a member of this new, younger generation, I try to consider his perspective whenever possible, he tells us.

Yet, Gulshan emphasizes that Sanjay's “experience” and “exposure” are more important than the viewpoint of a young person. “His expertise working on Hollywood movies as well as seeing German, French, American, and Korean cinema is fantastic. Utna mujhe dekhne me 10 saal lag jaaenge, Jitna wo dekhta hai. As a result, his exposure to not just the most well-known projects but also the lesser-known jewels has given him a unique perspective that I lack.

Have you been considered for Sanjay's project? He is well-connected in that industry and has greatly aided my efforts to establish contacts in Hollywood. In fact, I am currently debating accepting a series offer from Los Angeles. But he hasn't considered using me in any of his projects yet (laughs),” he concludes.

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