Chapter 79 of the manga series "Boruto" has startling revelations. Know the release date, time, and everything else

Fans of Boruto should get ready because chapter 79 is almost approaching and promises to be a thrilling experience. This chapter promises to be one for the books with its surprising storyline twists and jaw-dropping scenes.

Readers are anxiously expecting Kawaki's disturbance's aftermath following the events of the last chapter, and it seems that they won't be let down. The Konoha authorities are looking for the misbehaving shinobi, and it seems that things will only become more difficult from there.

The chapter will also examine Mitsuki's sage mode and Boruto's command over his Jougan in addition to the above. As if that weren't stunning enough, the raw scans of the episode have been making the rounds online, revealing one of the series' most unexpected turns to yet.

These scans indicate that the focus will shift to Eida, a character whose actions have already had a considerable influence on the plot. She alters history with godlike power, exchanging Boruto and Kawaki's lives and making Boruto Konoha's adversary for the murder of Naruto. When Sarada seems to be the only one not impacted by Eida's strength, Mitsuki enters Sage Mode and begins to fight Boruto.

Fans are eager to watch how everything turns out as the scheduled release date draws near. Can Boruto be successful in regaining his reputation and position in Konoha? Or will Eida's deeds permanently alter the path of the narrative?

Warning: Spoiler!
Fans are guessing about what significant events may occur as a result of the scar on Boruto's face from the previous chapter being so publicly exposed. The notion has been fueled by the chapter's “Almighty” or “Omnipotent” title.

The most prevalent speculation, however, is that Sasuke Uchiha, one of the series' most well-known characters, could die in this chapter. The front cover has drawn resemblance to chapter 77 of Boruto, which included Kawaki and concluded with Naruto being imprisoned. Whether Sasuke will have a similar outcome, fans are speculating.

The thought of Sasuke's demise has shocked the fan community. Even Masashi Kishimoto, the franchise's creator, has cited Sasuke as his favorite character. Sasuke is a well-liked character and a significant role in the Naruto universe. Those who have followed Sasuke's path for years will experience a heartbreaking moment if this rumor turns out to be accurate.

But, other fans also think Sasuke may be given a boost before he perhaps dies, much to how Naruto got Baryon mode before losing Kurama. Several debates and forecasts regarding the plot's development and the effects of Sasuke's demise on the other characters have resulted from this possibility.

Fans are getting ready for a challenging and maybe pivotal chapter as the publication date for Boruto chapter 79 draws near. The actions that take place might have significant effects on the individuals involved as well as the course of the narrative.

Also, there are speculations that the Boruto time jump is about to occur, which will cause the characters, their relationships, and their world to undergo huge changes. Prepare yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster in chapter 79 and thrilling new developments in the next chapters, fans of the Naruto and Boruto series should.

Will Sasuke die in chapter 79 or will the rumors turn out to be false? The formal release must be anticipated by fans.

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