Actor's Silence Over Aryan Khan's Arrest, According to Shah Rukh Khan's Pal Viveck Vaswani

With his son Aryan Khan's detention in a drug-related case, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan remained mute. The reason for it has now been disclosed by the actor's pal.

In October 2021, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) detained Aryan Khan in connection with a purported narcotics raid on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai. Until the Bombay High Court granted bail, he spent 25 days behind bars. Aryan was awarded a clean bill of health by the NCB in 2022 after he was on October 30, 2021.

Shah Rukh and his family remained silent during the media investigation. Viveck Vaswani, an actor and producer who is the Pathaan actor's oldest friend in the business, discussed it with Connect FM Canada and said, “I believe he wanted to avoid escalating the situation, as evidenced by the fact that neither he nor Aryan, Gauri, or Suhana spoke; this is known as grace and dignity.

Aryan's purported connection in a narcotics case had only been briefly mentioned by Shah Rukh. During a 'Ask SRK' session on Twitter, a fan asked him what pushes him to overcome the obstacles he has 'experienced thus far'. Shah Rukh said, “One needs to trust that virtue will always prevail over evil.”

Shah Rukh used many strategies to evade the media and paparazzi whenever he was out and about after Aryan got released from prison. He chose to engage with fans on Twitter instead than using the media to promote Pathaan, even during its release. Later, after the success of Pathaan, he said at a press conference, “The impact of this experience is still being felt. We could feel more thankful to God as a result. At times, we had to phone individuals to get them to easily release the movie, and they did so. I want my movies to be released with affection.

Aryan is now working on his first screenplay for a movie that will serve as his debut. When The Archies is released this year, his sister Suhana Khan will also be a part of the Bollywood industry.

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