After praising Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut addresses her'shocked' fans: Bollywoodias may not have succeeded

Everyone was taken aback when Kangana Ranaut praised actress Deepika Padukone for her performance at the Oscars in 2023. The actress had made fun of Deepika for her role in the film Gehraiyaan and her advocacy for mental health issues. Fans were shocked when Kangana stood up to praise DP. In response, Kangana once again posted on Twitter that “bollywoodias may have failed but I haven't.”

When a fan page posted a list of instances in which the Gangster actress praised other actresses, Kangana Ranaut responded. As she wrote in a tweet, “All those acting shocked that I praised DP, don't overthink, I am a very simple person I just follow Krishna/Dharma n he says kisi ko undeserving credit dena anachar hai lekin kisi ko deserving credit na dena usse bada anachar/paap hai (Giving credit to someone undeserving is bad but not giving credit

The Twitter conversation was captured when Kangana Ranaut praised Vidya Balan for changing Hindi film and paving the way for the production of Queen and Piku. That brought back memories of Kangana standing up for Raveena Tandon after she had been made fun of. Kangana once complimented Sonakshi Sinha and stated, “I'd want to play a part similar to Sonakshi's in Lootera. Indeed, this girl has outperformed everyone else by a wide margin. She looked stunning in the movie. She should be given more opportunities because of her skill.”

Speaking of Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut, the actress tweeted about her Oscars 2023 debut “It must not have been simple for Deepika Padukone to stand there holding the entire country together, carrying its reputation and image on those delicate shoulders, and speaking so kindly and confidently. Indian women are the finest, and Deepika is a shining example of this.”

This tweet created a storm online.

Kangana Ranaut's upcoming acting roles include Tejas, Chandramukhi 2, Noti Binodini, and Emergency, among others.

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